Primary Sources

1.“Urge Great Lakes Game Fish Boost”

This article from the 1965 Chicago Tribune reports on a then upcoming convention regarding the introduction of non-native game fish to the Great Lakes.  It shows the feelings people had towards both commercial and recreational fishing at the time.  It also helps to show the economic side of the debate.

2.“Cohos Bring Fishermen to Michigan”

This article from the 1968 Chicago Tribune reports on the benefits of the addition of Coho salmon to the Great Lakes.  It not only covers the people being attracted by the newly introduced fish but the economic benefits that the Great Lakes region received as a result.

3.“Agreement Near in Michigan Fishing Dispute”

This article from the 1985 New York Times looks at an agreement the the Native American tribes of Michigan were trying make with legislatures and recreational fishermen.  The regulations that were set in place around sports fishing restricted the Native Americans use of the water and altered their traditional ways of fishing.